Two hundred automotive aftermarket professionals came together last June 26th at the Art Centre of Alcobendas, the “Automobile City” of Madrid, to join the Professional Congress on “The value of the spare part brands” and the Award Ceremony of the Quality and Service in the Automotive Aftermarket Prizes. The meeting, promoted by the initiative “Posventa Plural” (“Plural Aftermarket”), attracted the interest of the main business organizations in the sector. Along with the workshop associations Cetraa and Conepa, the distribution one, Ancera, and the spare parts manufacturer, Sernauto, entities such as the aftermarket fair, Motortec Automechanika Madrid or representatives of business schools, as the IE Business School, joined this event aimed at reflecting the value of brands.

During the Professional Conference the scientific foundations of the study of brand perception that sustain the awards were announced. In addition, recognized professionals, experts in «branding», innovation, digital marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility made inspiring approaches to help reflect on how to build powerful brands in the automotive aftermarket; valuable brands, really perceived as such and that effectively contribute to get an adequate return to the effort made in its construction. Then, the 38 most valued brands in the automotive aftermarket chosen by the Spanish car repairers in different categories as their preferred option received their awards.


The automotive spare parts Premium brands they bring great value to all the agents that are part of the automotive aftermarket sector. That is the main conclusion of a day of debate and reflection inaugurated by the Mayor of Alcobendas, Ignacio García de Vinuesa, which was led by Raúl González, consultant in communication of MP3 Automoción, and Capital Radio’s economic journalist Chimo Ortega. Therefore, it is still paradigmatic that «despite the good macroeconomic data of the country, and after a favorable evolution of the GDP, the price of automotive spare parts has remained deflated until last year,» said González during the presentation of the journey.

«It is evident that the sector is changing, but what is the contribution of specific value of the brands to it? To get to know it, and to help us specify it, we have worked together with recognized specialists from inside and outside the sector, as well as with notable representatives of the distribution, but above all, we have done something that very often we seem to forget: we have asked the garages”, concluded González before giving way to Enrique Gómez, Director of The Hub Automotive Insights and responsible for the scientific study that has identified the most valued spare brands for the Spanish garages.

The voice of the Spanish car repairers

«Giving voice to the garages is precisely what we have done with this study,» commented Gómez in his speech, entitled «The value of spare parts brands in the aftermarket». Throughout the speech, he explained to those present how the study that has identified the brands perceived as having the highest Quality and Service by the owners, managers or purchasing managers of the Spanish garages was conducted. For which purpose it was designed a strategic sample of 404 interviews that provides a margin of error of ± 4.9% with a p = q = 0.5 and a confidence level of 95.5%.

In addition to deepening on the particularities of the study, Gómez explained the importance of brands, referring to how they «help the professional to make up his decision to buy spare parts, a process influenced by factors such as price, product packaging, the availability of technical information and the figure of the replacement»,he commented.

On the process of creating a powerful aftermarket brand and how this fact contributes to positioning at a higher price level for those brands with a powerful image in the market spoke Ricardo Oliveira, World Shopper founder and coordinator of the 2025 Automotive 360º Vision study for the nearly 200 professionals present at the event.

«A brand is known and remembered. It helps to establish an emotional connection with the client. But above all it helps companies to differentiate themselves and achieve their objectives» stated Oliveira. Throughout an inspiring presentation, Oliveria offered examples of companies and automotive brands that have known how to differentiate themselves from their competitors, such as Tesla and the great demand achieved by their Model 3, even before having been presented in public -also without having been manufactured yet, compared to the real alternative, although not as mediatic or successful, of the Chevrolet Volt.

A lo largo de una inspiradora ponencia, Oliveria ofreció ejemplos de empresas y marcas de automoción que han sabido diferenciarse de sus competidores, como el de Tesla y la gran demanda alcanzada por su Model 3, antes incluso de haber sido presentado en público, y ni mucho menos ser producido, frente a la alternativa real, aunque no tan mediática ni exitosa, del Chevrolet Volt.


Ricardo Oliveira. World Shopper

Óscar Alonso, CEO of the digital marketing agency T2O Media, put the spare brands in front of the Internet in the last presentation of the first part of the day. In a digital environment, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, Alonso spoke to the audience about the power of the data, the care of the client and the full use of the audience that allows digital tools to contribute to the creation of a valuable brand. And he did it remembering a basic premise for any brand proud of its value: «if you want to be unique for your customers, learn from them», remarked.

Product band and distributor´s corporate brand

«Values ​​that add up: product brand and distributor business brand» was the title of the round table with which the second part of the professional day started. To discuss the contribution in terms of value of the spare parts brands, and how much they can contribute to the enrichment of the sector from the orbit of manufacturers, large customers and distributors, then went up the stage four recognized professionals in the sector: Benito Tesier, president of the Commission of Spare Parts of Sernauto; José Luis Bravo, Managing Director of Aser Aftermarket Automotive Group, Juan Carlos Pérez Castellanos, General Director of Groupauto Unión Ibérica and Joaquín Gómez-Barquero, Head of ARVAL For Me.


The working day prior to the Award Ceremony of the Quality and Service in the Automotive Aftermarket Prizes, which recognize the most valued aftermarket brands for the workshops, concluded with the presentation «Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand Value«, through which the Surgeon and Coordinator of the project Surgery in Turkana, Carmen Hernandez, pointed out how much brands can do to contribute to generate a better world, more equal, for those who have fewer opportunities.


Award Ceremony of the Quality and Service in the Aftermarket Prizes

The act concluded with the Award Ceremony of the Quality and Service in the Automotive Aftermarket Prizes and a message. «It is necessary to recognize everything that makes brands different from each other, knowing how to transmit those values ​​that justify that you can pay more for some brands than for others and that enrich us all as a sector,» concluded the presenters of the event.


In total, 39 brands received the awards that distinguish them as the brands with higher Quality and Service standards in the Spanish automotive aftermarket, or as the Brands that Surprise in the market, throughout the different categories of products raised in the study by The Hub Automotive Insights that bases these awards. The brands recognized in one or more categories are: Al-Ko, Asysum, Autotecnic, Beru, Bosch, Brembo, Castrol, Cuatex, Champion, Datatecnic, Delphi, Dolz, Fae, Fare, Fonos, Ford Motorcraft, GT Motive, Icer Brakes , Lemförder, Lizarte, Magneti Marelli, Mann-Filter, Mecafilter, Monroe, Moog, Necto, Nissens, Olipes, Philips, ProService, Sachs, Shell, SKF, Spidan, STD, TAB Batteries, TRW, Valeo and Walker.